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Nachani satu – Raagi sweet cakes

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Category: Snacks : Nachani

Cuisine: Malvani Cuisine

Nachani satu – Raagi sweet cakes

Nachani also known as raagi is one of the most nutritious cereals. It is rich source of iron, calcium, proteins and several vitamins. Hence it should be included in the regular diet for children. This is quite sweet and delicious cuisine and hence can be a good nutritious choice for snacks.

  • Nachani – two bowls (150 gm)
  • Jaggery – half the amount of nachani
  • Half teaspoon of cardamom seed powder
  • Half a bowl of freshly grated coconut
  • Cashew nuts
  • Thoroughly wash nachani and soak it in water overnight.
  • Finely grind it next day morning to form a thick paste. Add some water, but don’t dilute too much.
  • Cover this paste with muslin cloth and hang it tightly, making sure the paste doesn’t pour out of the cloth. The juice will start dripping of the cloth. Collect it carefully in a jar.
  • Let the juice settle down for a while so as water is separated from the thick syrup which settles down.
  • Drain the water as much as possible.
  • Finely grate jaggery and add it to the syrup. Stir the mixture with hand and break lumps of jaggery, until it is all dissolved in the syrup.
  • Pour the mixture in deep saucepan and heat it up on the slow flame. Keep stirring regularly so as no lumps are formed.
  • Once the mixture gets thickened with fine consistency turn of the burner and add cardamom powder. Mix it well.
  • Take a broad dish and brush it with ghee.
  • Pour the thickened mixture evenly in the dish and let it cool.
  • Once it is cold decorate it with finely grated coconut and cashew nuts. You can cut it in small diamond shapes for serving.

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Nachani satu – Raagi sweet cakes recipe
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