One of the best ways to explore the Maharashtra’s Konkan beaches and the lifestyle that the fishermen in those areas lead is being a part of it. Tarkarli, one of the most exquisite coastal towns of Maharashtra, is that one place where you can taste a slice of this life; and a Tarkarli Beach resort is inclined to make your stay worth every bit that you spend on it. This goes in terms of both the material and the immaterial expenses. The situation of these resorts falls quite close to the Malvan city of Maharashtra.

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These Tarkarli hotels and resorts are mostly beach resorts and cottages such that the travelers can have the view of the majestic Arabian sea all through their stay as they take a break from their city life. The people visiting Tarkarli are provided with all the facilities that they might desire by the various kinds of accommodation facilities here.

Tarkarli beach resort
Tarkarli beach resort

Tarkarli has various resorts and hotels that provide exclusive facilities and amenities to the people who stay there. One among them is the MTDC Tarkarli Beach resort which lends the perfect beach experience to its visitors. With the promise to offer a crystal clear beach that has remained untouched by the hoards of civilizations, the MTDC Trakali beach resorts welcome the travelers to explore these beaches for all that they can offer to them. The resorts are in a close vicinity of the Sindhudurg forts which are a major attraction of Tarkarli. Thus, the travelers do not have to look for a major mode of traveling around in Tarkarli. Also to be mentioned are the restaurant facilities at these Tarkarli hotels and resorts. These are par excellence and provide the best taste of Konkan cuisine to the people.

How to reach Tarkarli beach:

By Air: 190KM from Dabolim-Goa airport
By Train: 45KM from Kudal station on Konkan Railway
By Road: 7KM from Malvan, 540KM from Mumbai, 160KM from Kolhapur, 175KM from Belgaum

What is waiting for you at Tarkarli beach:

Accomodation: Konkani huts of MTDC and some other private hotes/resorts.
Houseboats: overnight houseboat stay by MTDC
Food: Real taste of Malvani cuisine including variety of see-food
Adventure: Scuba diving and snorkeling at Malvan
Nearby spots: Padmagarh sea fort and Sindhudurg sea fort built in 17 century

Tarkarli beach boat house
Tarkarli beach boat house

This particular Tarkarli beach resort is known for providing its visitors the liberty to enjoy the delights of Konkan lifestyle from a close margins. This is not only due to the food that it offers but also because of the accommodation system. The visitors are offered with authentic Konkan huts where they can stay through their Tarkarli visit.

However, these huts are decorated with all the basic amenities and the other lifestyle facilities that people might require such that the feel of the home is not lost! People who visit this Tarkarli beach resort can also take the option of staying in a houseboat. These are the identity markers of the Konkan lifestyle and are thus, a must to be enjoyed when one visits Tarkarli.

Tarkarli Beach Resort
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