Malvani chicken – sagoti vade

Kombadi Vade/Saguti Vade

This recipe is now world famous due to internet and advertisement. You might find it in some overseas Indian restaurants. However tastes differ depending on the recipe and the ingredients. Vada is completely vegetarian part of this cuisine. It is slightly thicker than puri but has different ingredients. It can be eaten with any other curry or even tea.

Malvani Daal rice

मालवणी डाळ भात - Dal-bhat Recipe

Fish and rice are the most favourite food items of Malvani people; however simple daal bhaat in kokani way is also very tasty and regularly made in every kokani household. Sometimes daal bhaat with fried fish is itself a delicacy. Daal is made in different way compared to common daal that you would find outside Kokan. We use coconut even in daal recipe