Malvan Beach is located at the east side of Malvan City. It is easily accessible if you are coming from the Malvan City proper, you can get there by riding a rented car, a rickshaw, rented bicycle or even by walk. Once you arrive at the beach all that is left to do is to enjoy the wonderful scenery and to indulge in the great ambiance that it provides. It is the most accessible beach near the city proper.

Traveling is a great way to relax and unwind, and to get away from anything that stresses you out. One of the most popular destinations is beaches. They provide comfort to a stressed mind and an amazing view that helps provide a perfect backdrop for an amazing and unforgettable trip. This is what you can discover at the Malvan Beach in India.

Malvan beach - Hidden Gem in Konkan
Malvan beach – Hidden Gem in Konkan

Malvan Beach is not a well known tourist destination in India, but taking a trip there is worth it. You would find yourself immersed in the stories of brave warriors and the history of the place itself.  It is not the typical beach which will provide you quiet or down time, but it will give you an amazing view and different restaurants that you can try.

The one must do activity in this beach is restaurant hopping. If you visit Malvan Beach the one restaurant that you should try is Khot, a restaurant that specializes on seafood dishes. Aside from trying different dishes you can also indulge in exploring the underwater world.

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From the beach you can take a boat ride to Sindhudurg Fort. A trip to this fort will allow your mind to travel back into time and discover just how it worked as an ocean fort. A guide will be present to help guide you through the fort, and even share with you the history of the place and the great strategies that were used in building the fort. The trip down to this fantastic fort will just leave you thinking of how it functioned during its prime years.

How to reach Malvan:-

By Air: 190KM from Dabolim-Goa airport
By Train: 45KM from Kudal station on Konkan Railway
By Road: 540KM from Mumbai, 160KM from Kolhapur, 175KM from Belgaum

What is waiting for you at Malvan:

Accomodation: Konkani huts of MTDC Tarkarli and some other private hotes/resorts.
Food: Real taste of Malvani cuisine including variety of see-food
Adventure: Scuba diving and snorkeling at Malvan
Nearby spots: Padmagarh sea fort and Sindhudurg sea fort built in 17 century, and many other popular spots in the vicinity on 5-10KM.

The best way to enjoy your stay at the beach is to look for Malvan Hotels that can provide great comfort at an affordable price. There are many different Malvan Hotels, you just have to pick first if you would want to stay at a hotel near the beach or near the city proper. To make an informed choice in choosing your hotel, you can visit their websites and compare reviews made by their past customers

Malvan beach – Hidden Gem
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